Mauritius on a private flight: an unforgettable experience

Fly over Mauritius in a spectacular and exclusive way, aboard our latest generation helicopters. Corail Helicopters bends over backwards to meet your every wish, with our top-of-the-range services and our team at your service.

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Private helicopter flight

Helicopter hire with pilot

Corail Helicopters is the leading provider of private helicopter flights in Mauritius. We offer exclusive, top-of-the-range services from helipads located all over Mauritius.

Our exclusive overflight services

Corail Helicopters offers a full range of services to meet the needs of individuals and professionals alike, so that your experience is as rich as possible. Whether it’s a quick helicopter transfer from one part of the island to another, a romantic getaway or an aerial photography session, it’s all possible.

Exclusive tour

Choose the helicopter tour you would like to take on board our panoramic aircraft and enjoy an exclusive tour.

How much does an exclusive flight cost?

The price of helicopter hire with pilot depends on a number of factors, including the duration of the service, fuel consumption and the logistics involved.

These prices are indicative only. Each project is unique, and we’ll be happy to put our expertise to work for you, tailoring our services to make your plans or dreams come true!

Need advice on your project, a quote or availability? Contact us 7 days a week!

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List of possible private flight projects

Top 10 helicopter privatisations

  1. Panoramic tours of the island: fly over landscapes, monuments, towns and beaches to enjoy breathtaking aerial views of Mauritius.
  2. Transfer to luxury hotels: Arrive at your hotel in style and avoid traffic jams by opting for a helicopter transfer.
  3. Romantic flights: Private flights for special occasions such as wedding proposals, anniversaries or simply to watch the sunset from the air!
  4. Luxury services: top-of-the-range services on board, such as champagne, gourmet snacks, landing on a golf course, etc.
  5. Aerial photography and videography: Specific services for image professionals wishing to shoot aerial images.
  6. Event flights: spectacular arrival at an event, brand promotion, product launch or company party.
  7. Emergency and medical services: Rapid transport of patients or medical equipment, or mountain rescue operations.
  8. Technical work: Overhead work for specific jobs at height, such as power lines.
  9. Transport to remote or inaccessible destinations: Access to remote locations or locations that are difficult to reach by other means of transport.
  10. Special cargo transport: For objects of great value or special dimensions.

Our helipads cover the whole of Mauritius

Here is a list of helipads from which we can guarantee a take-off:

Contact us 7 days a week to create your made-to-measure project, or to request a quote or availability:

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