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Aerial works

The airline Corail Hélicoptères, which has existed for years now, has always been able to avoid any risk of accident and provided great “savoir-faire” and technical expertise. This is thanks to the continuous training of the staff and the numerous flight experiences acquired.

Indeed, the pilots and technicians have always seen through their multiple missions despite the meteorological tantrums endured by the island.

But Corail Hélicoptères doesn’t just limit itself to touristic visits and flights. The flight services proposed by the company very much vary. Corail Hélicoptères also takes care of works of dams, piping, food provision and many more.

Indeed, the company can also take care of transporting and positioning by trussing, such as air conditioning units, swimming pools, concrete and also does cable-unfolding, stone nets, all of it done with rigour and safety.

Each service is bespoke and provided upon request by a company that guarantees the best price.

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