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Whether it is for business or pleasure, or even bespoke services in terms of flights, the airline offers high-quality service in all of the missions it is given? Made of ten helicopters and eleven pilots, Corail Hélicoptères has been able to grow exponentially and make a name for itself in the Western part of the island from 2011. Offering numerous aerial services, the helicopter company has registered over 6,100 touristic flights in 2016 and continues to expand.

Corail Hélicoptères uses modern technology and provides services in optimal conditions. This desire for the utmost safety manifests itself through continuous maintenance of its helicopter fleet and the respect of all of its commitments in the organisation process.

The company, in realising its services, remains conscious of environmental stakes and of nature in general.

To this extent, new acquisitions have been made in order to preserve the local fauna, present on the sites we fly over. By choosing Corail Hélicoptères, you contribute toward responsible tourism.

2 new bases: the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean

Indeed, since early December 2013, we have opened a base in the West Indies, on the island of Saint-Martin, at Grand-Case airport and in 2017, a base in Mauritius.
We have obtained all the required authorisations necessary for operations, where we operate scenic and charter flights between islands and hotels.


The company’s commitments:

  1. The insurance to fly in the most optimal safety conditions.
  2. The respect of the law and compulsory procedures.
  3. The application of the maintenance programmes of the helicopters as defined by the aircraft manufacturer and exhaustive extra procedures carried out by our services.
  4. Air transport insurance guarantees as per European regulations.
  5. The realization of regular internal and external audits allowing us to check the consistency and the quality of the actions led by the company.
  6. The regular checking of our pilots’ capacities.
  7. Realising flights in the best possible comfort with full attention and care toward our passengers.
  8. Coherence and Team Work.
  9. The passion for a job well done


European Certifications:
– Certificat de Transport Aérien N° FR.AO.0023
– Atelier agrée Part 145 N° FR-0616
– Agrément Part M sous partie G pour le suivi de navigabilité FR.MG.0102

Mauritian Certifications:
– Certificat de Transport Aérien N° AOC.03
– Atelier agrée : MU-145.88
– Agrément Part M sous partie G pour la navigabilité N° MU-MG.02

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